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We hope this list of FAQs will provide the answer – but if you have any other queries, feel free to contact us using this form, calling 03 9108 5490 or emailing info@walktofightcancer.org.au. We’re always happy to help!



Walk to Fight Cancer is a new virtual challenge event for Peter Mac. Participants set themselves a target distance that they think they can achieve over 10 days (between 13 – 22 October) and ask their friends and family to sponsor them. The money raised will be used to fund our research and thus help give all people with cancer the best chance of a cure.

Registration is free, there is no minimum fundraising requirement to take part and we provide coaching and fundraising support.

Peter Mac’s Walk to Fight Cancer will start on 13 October 2022 and run for 10 days (to 22 October).

There are a number of simple ways to get involved:

There is no registration fee for WALK – it’s completely FREE to take part.

No. There is no required minimum fundraising goal. However, we are encouraging everyone to set a target of $500 for WALK and get the Walker shirt!

By fundraising or donating as part of WALK, you will help enable life-saving cancer research and give new hope to all people affected by cancer. Your support will:

• Give leading researchers the specialised resources and technologies they need to discover cancer cures;

• Provide seed funding to help internationally recognised researchers explore bold new research ideas that could change the way we think about cancer;

• Help ensure we have access to income that will support our work for generations to come.

No. The first person to join up can create a team and share their chosen team name with the rest of the members. They can then join when they’re ready.

If you do want to take part as a team, please be mindful of government guidance around COVID-19 exercise restrictions and social distancing.

Absolutely! Most team members raise more than individual participants who go solo. They also find the experience more fun! You can create or join a team when you register, and we’ll provide you with access to both your own WALK fundraising page and your team’s WALK page too. Your friends and family can sponsor you / donate to you personally and the fundraising will be shown on both your total and your team’s.

Yes. All participants need to be at least 18 years of age on 13 October 2022 to take part in Peter Mac’s Walk to Fight Cancer.

Your Walk to Fight Cancer fundraising hub has been connected with Strava to help automate your distance tracking. If you have a Strava account, you can connect it to your WALK fundraising hub once you’ve registered. Many alternative tracking devices also connect to Strava, albeit you will need to create a Strava account and then proceed as above. Alternatively, you can use your personal fitness device to track your activity and then add the distance manually each day on your fundraising hub.

Our WALK app will also give you the option to track your activity through Apple Health or Google Fit. Download the app (to be released shortly) and follow the instructions on the app’s activity screen.

Setting up Strava to track the activity you complete for WALK should be straightforward:

  1. Set up a Strava account if you don’t already have one. You can do that by downloading the Strava app to your phone and then creating your account, or you can create an account at https://strava.com
  2. Find the Connect to Strava button on the WALK fundraising hub – you’ll have access to that once you’ve signed up
  3. Click on the button and follow the instructions to connect up to your Strava account
  4. To get the best results, we recommend that you then log into your Strava account from a desktop computer at https://strava.com (rather than your mobile) and check/configure the following:
  • Check that your Strava app is connected to Raisely (the WALK fundraising platform) by navigating to Settings > My Apps. You should see the Raisely application listed as one of the apps that’s been given permission to access your Strava data
  • In Settings > Display Preferences, make sure your Units & Measurements is set to ‘Kilometers and Kilograms’
  • In Settings > Privacy Controls, set your Activities data to be viewable by ‘Everyone’
  • Before recording an activity on your Strava app for WALK, make sure it is set to walking

You should now be all set up for data to pass from your Strava application to your WALK fundraising hub. Note that, once you’ve recorded an activity on Strava, the data may take a few minutes to come through.

We recommend that you test that activity data from Strava is transferring correctly to your WALK fundraising hub by logging some pre-challenge training sessions. If you run into any issues, check out https://support.strava.com/ to see if you can find some relevant guidance there. If you’re still having problems, feel free to contact us and we’ll do what we can to help.

Please note – you can easily remove any incorrect activity logs on your hub if you need to. You can also log your activity manually if you prefer, as an alternative to using Strava.

No. You can tackle Walk to Fight Cancer your way! You might want to do some each day between 13 – 22 October, plan one, two or three epic sessions, or anything in between. It’s up to you! We do recommend that you take rest days during the 10-day period.

Yes, we recommend that you do train for your challenge, although how much will depend on your level of fitness.

If you connect your Strava account on your WALK fundraising hub (or connect to Apple Health or Google Fit from your WALK app, once that’s released), your training activity will be tracked automatically from the time you set it up. Even if you haven’t connected to automated tracking in this way, we find many participants wish to track their training as it is helpful and motivating – you can do this manually on the fundraising hub. When WALK begins on 13 October, we’ll reset everyone’s kms back to zero and your activity between 13 – 22 October will count towards your target distance.

As soon as your fundraising total reaches $500 we will notify you to let you know (by email) you have secured your exclusive Walker shirt. We may confirm your delivery address and then get your gear into the post to you as soon as possible after you hit $500.

Don’t worry – whatever distance you cover, we’ll celebrate both your achievement and your support in October.

Absolutely!  Just use your equipment’s distance tracker if it has one and log the activity manually on your WALK hub. Or you can track the time you spend on the treadmill, estimate how many kilometres you’ve completed and then log the activity manually.

Yes! Just choose a distance target that you think you can achieve in the time left up to 22 October – or you can complete your challenge after 22 October if you wish. Either way, we’d love to have you on board!

Yes! The Walk to Fight Cancer app – with everything you need for your challenge at your fingertips, including fundraising and activity tracking – will be available for download very soon.


Please note: we would strongly advise that you don’t handle cash in the current situation as a safety precaution against COVID-19. If you do collect some cash or cheques as part of your fundraising, we recommend you pay them into your own bank account first. You should then use your card to donate at your WALK online fundraising page on behalf of your generous donor.

First of all we want to say thanks for your donation – without your help we can’t make the research breakthroughs we do. If your receipt has not been received, please contact us on info@walktofightcancer.org.au.


We always recommend that you consult your doctor or healthcare practitioner to make this decision. If they need more information about the event to give you the correct advice, they are welcome to contact us so they can fully understand the level of physical exertion involved.

Walk to Fight Cancer is a virtual event because we want to give our supporters the chance to be both inspired and challenged and keep them safe. During both your training and whilst you tackle your WALK, please follow government guidance around exercise restrictions and/or social distancing. We also recommend that, for your fundraising, you use digital payment wherever possible rather than handling cash and ensure any fundraising activities adhere to your local restrictions.


Once you register you can download an authority to fundraise for Peter Mac from the ‘Resources’ section of the WALK fundraising hub.

We have a selection of A4 posters which you’ll be able to download from the ‘Resources’ section of the WALK fundraising hub. For flyers, you might want to print the posters in a smaller format or hand out the largest flyers in Melbourne. And for money tins, we’re aware of the need to reduce contact and cash-handling due to COVID-19 so we would recommend not collecting cash in this way. If you have to for some reason, we suggest buying a coin tin, printing the Walk to Fight Cancer logo on a sticker and popping it on your box. Once you have completed your collection, pay the money into your account and make a donation by card at your WALK online fundraising page.

No, unfortunately. Peter Mac’s public liability insurance does not cover our participants’ fundraising activities. There are insurance companies which offer affordable short-term policies to cover you should you wish to get the sausages sizzling. Or contact us on info@walktofightcancer.org.au because we can offer heaps of other great fundraising ideas!

Please note: if you’re considering holding a fundraising activity, you should adhere to COVID-19-related government restrictions in your local area. For some states, this may mean you won’t be able to obtain insurance at all. If that’s the case, we would strongly discourage you from holding these types of activities as a matter of safety.

You’ll have a dedicated personal coach soon after you join us. They’ll be there to answer your questions, give advice and share both fundraising and training resources.

Yes! Our training resources include tips on Strava set-up, plus our coaches are on-hand to answer your questions.