DAY 10

This is it! The challenge has flown by and already we are at Day 10. Today, let’s all come together, 2,721 strong one more time, to make a huge impact on Peter Mac’s life-saving work.

One more push to the finish line – share a walking selfie today with your fundraising link and the hashtag #WalktoFightCancer to go in the draw to win an exclusive merch bundle!

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What an incredible 10 days we’ve had! Let’s take a moment to reflect on all that we have achieved so far and how much your support means to fellow walkers, like Karen.

After going to the GP with lower back pain and being diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, Karen is an inspiration to us all and knows all too well about the process of being inducted into the Peter Mac patient routine.

“I was swept up in their care and carried at a time in my life when I felt like the ground beneath me was falling away.

“I cried almost constantly in the beginning, it all felt so unfair. Why me? I was so scared.

“Peter Mac became a home away from home for a year of my life.

“I am so grateful to the amazing team at Peter Mac, from the cleaning staff to the nurses, surgeons, and specialists. I am thankful for all that they do and for helping me get well.

“As soon as I was able to return to work, I started donating to Peter Mac and I have participated in several of the fundraisers in the past. I wanted to give back to this amazing organisation that gives so much to so many people. I want to be part of helping them find a cure

I’m coming up to my 15-year anniversary of kicking cancer’s butt and my friends and family continue to support me and my efforts to fundraise for Peter Mac – because without my friends, family, and Peter Mac, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Not only is Karen an incredible fighter, but she has helped raise over $1,100 for Walk to Fight Cancer. Thank you for walking with us Karen, we are so grateful to have your support!


If you need a bit of a push to start the final weekend, meet Lyn’s Lot.

They’re a team of family members who are walking and fundraising for Walk to Fight Cancer in honour of Lyn, who passed away from cancer and received great care and support from Peter Mac. They want to contribute to the research that can end cancer.

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Today we want to give a special shout-out to one of our top fundraising teams, Lyn’s Lot, who have raised over $15,000 for Walk to Fight Cancer.

This team is walking in memory of their beloved family member, Lynda, whom they sadly lost in July.

They want to support the research that can end this disease and the suffering it causes, giving a positive and meaningful way to cope with their grief.

“The physical equipment and emotional support given to her when and as she needed it ensured she could continue to spend time doing those things she loved, with the people she loved – in her own precious home and in her own time – for as long as she could.

“Our success is purely because of the woman Lyn was; she fought such a positive fight, ensuring that everyone else was comfortable with her plight!

Lyn was an inspiration to us all, and of course, walking a little each day is nothing compared to her last few years – but it will be great to honour and remember her while doing this challenge.”


No matter where you are on the map, we are all walking together each day as one inspiring community, fighting cancer one step at a time.

Give or get a donation in the next 24 hours and you’ll go in the draw to win one of ten Unite to Fight Cancer Hero packs!

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Every day we’ve been inspired by the photos, videos, and stories you’ve shared in our Facebook group and using the hashtag #WalktoFightCancer. Keep sharing, keep walking and keep fundraising – we’re on our way to making a massive impact for Peter Mac’s life-saving work, so don’t stop now!

One of our Walkers, Carly Monshing, knows how important your support is. She was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2018 and started her treatment at Peter Mac then. She has already completed her challenge and raised an incredible $900 – thank you, Carly! She kindly shared her story with us:

I have had many surgeries and radiation and today I am still a patient at Peter Mac.

“This will be the third year I have participated in WALK, but unfortunately this year I will not be able to participate at the same time as I am having surgery at Peter Mac on Wednesday 11 October. Talk about timing!

“My husband Andrew and I have already walked my 75km as I was determined to honour my commitment even though it wasn’t during the official ten days. 

“I feel a deep appreciation and connection to Peter Mac and I am humbled by the care I continue to receive.

“I give because I have been given so much more. I am forever indebted to Peter Mac.


How are your legs feeling this morning? The finish line is in sight – you’ve got this! If you need some inspiration to keep charging on, just check in on the stories shared daily in our Facebook group, or here on your very own Walk Daily.

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You are truly amazing. Many of you are facing cancer yourself, yet you still find the strength to support us. We are deeply grateful for your inspiration and generosity. Your support makes a huge difference for Peter Mac, enabling us to continue to deliver research insights that can help save lives.

Heather Hebbard has raised over $3,600 for this year’s Walk to Fight Cancer.

“My first experience with Peter MacCallum began in October 2020 when my world was turned upside down as I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. The day after admission to the hospital, I had the first of ten bone marrow biopsies at Peter MacCallum and experienced first-hand the exceptional care and kindness of the wonderful team who looked after me.

“Since that very first day and through the many procedures and biopsies, to the frequent appointments for blood tests, transfusions, line changes and specialist appointments, I have been looked after with respect, expertise and utmost care. The Wellness Centre provided a safe and comforting sanctuary where I could rest and sleep between appointments and wait for blood results and transfusions.

“Being well enough and able to participate in Walk to Fight Cancer provides me with an opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre for the exemplary (and ongoing) treatment that I have received.”


Are you ready for our big Dollar Match Day today?

Thanks to Teche Group and Vicland, all donations made from 12pm AEDT today, Tuesday 17 October will be matched dollar for dollar, up to a total of $15,000!

That’s right – give or get a donation from 12pm today and you’ll see another donation for the same amount appear on your fundraising page!

So far together we’ve raised over $560k to help Peter Mac’s brilliant researchers accelerate the search for cancer cures – thank you!

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Rebecca lost her husband Simon to oesophageal cancer in 2017, after only four months of diagnosis and treatment at Peter Mac Cancer hospital.

“I know the doctors did all they could until the end. Every attempt to help him was tried, but more than anything, they looked after him so well and were very caring.

“Simon was my husband for 15 years and I was 39 when he passed away. He was only 41 and my daughters were 9 and 4. Our lives were torn apart by this awful disease, so anything we can do to help, just raising awareness and a bit of funding towards the greater research, is what we are doing this year.”

She is now participating in Walk to Fight Cancer to honour Simon’s memory and has raised an incredible $7,925 to support Peter Mac’s research and care. Thank you Rebecca.


No Monday blues for us! We’ve flown through the first weekend of the WALK and so far collectively we’ve raised an amazing $540,000 – thank you!

And we have even more exciting news to start your week…

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Thanks to Teche Group and another generous Peter Mac donor, all donations made from 12pm AEDT tomorrow, Tuesday 17 October will be matched dollar for dollar, up to a total of $15,000!

That’s right – give or get a donation from 12pm tomorrow and you’ll see another donation for the same amount appear on your fundraising page.

Donate $50, and you’ll see $100 credited to your page. Raise $100 and you’ll see $200 added to your total!

Once $15,000 has been raised, the donation match will end – so set your alarm and let your friends and family know to jump in quick!!


What a wonderful day it was for Peter Mac’s Walk to Fight Cancer yesterday! Across Australia, in the sun and rain, on the pavement, in the gym, and in the park, over 2,700 Walkers have joined forces to raise an amazing $524,000k – we are so grateful!

How did you spend your Sunday morning? Did you enjoy a cosy lie-in, or did you hit the trails in your neighbourhood at the crack of dawn?

Today, you are part of a huge community of amazing Walkers who are taking on this challenge. One of them is Sharon, who has raised over $6,940 so far. She is not only walking for others who have cancer but is also battling it herself.

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Sharon is participating in Walk to Fight Cancer for the second time. After signing up in memory of her friend Rob, who lost his battle with brain cancer, Sharon was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

“I post a walking photo each day on Facebook and personally thank each of the people who have donated to my walk in my Facebook post. I include the link and the support keeps coming in!

“I had my first chemo at Peter Mac 2 weeks ago and today my hair was coming out in handfuls!

“When I registered I had said I was going to do 75 km in 10 days. I’m still going to try to do this, even though I had my 2nd chemo session on day 2 of the challenge. I will continue to do everything I can to achieve my goal.

“I am so grateful for everyone’s support and I have now raised over $6,000 and the total keeps going up each day, just by thanking those that have already supported me and posting a photo of myself.”

Thank you so much for your incredible dedication at this time Sharon and we wish you the best of luck in your fight against cancer.


Ready to stride into the weekend?

Share a selfie with your fundraising link and #WalktoFightCancer to go in the draw to win a Unite to Fight Cancer hero pack!

Don’t miss this chance to win some epic rewards…

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“I registered to participate and raise money for ‘Walk to Fight Cancer’ this year as my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in July 2022.

“Since his diagnosis, he has been treated by Peter Mac and they have done an amazing job caring for him during his treatment and assisting with his needs.

“It means the absolute world to me to be able to help raise funds for Peter Mac as it holds a special place in my heart.”

Danielle Bruce is walking in honour of her dad and has raised an incredible $4,000 for Peter Mac this year.

“I am blown away by the support of family and friends who have donated to the cause. My tip for you to help raise funds is to share it across all your social media platforms, reach out to your close friends and family, and get them to share it as well. Whether it is a $10 donation or a $100 donation, every little bit helps and they are all willing to support such a world-class cancer care and treatment centre. Every donation I have received has put a huge smile on my face and allows me to think I am helping my dad in some way.”


Wow! What an amazing start we had yesterday – thank you!

If the rain kept you indoors and you need inspiration to get your legs moving this morning, look no further than your fellow walker, Cooper Addison!

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As a former Peter Mac team member and Walk to Fight Cancer ongoing supporter, Cooper knows firsthand how important your support is to Peter Mac.

However, this year has a lot more meaning since Cooper’s dad was diagnosed with a rare, aggressive and incurable brain cancer.

“Even after seeing how cancer can affect so many people at my old job at Peter Mac, nothing can really prepare you for the shock of it happening so close and so quickly to you.

“Peter Mac does such amazing and important work. It is an honour to be a part of it by raising funds and awareness for their research program.

“Hopefully, one day we’ll live in a time where ‘incurable’ is not a thing.”

Cooper has raised an incredible $2,000 so far – thank you for walking with us.


This is it – the hours of training and fundraising have led us all to this one moment – today, we make a difference.

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You are about to embark on a 10-day journey that will make a difference in the lives of people with cancer. Every step you take and every dollar you donate will support Peter Mac’s team of researchers who are working hard to find better and gentler treatments for every cancer patient.

We are so grateful for your generosity and dedication to this cause. You are part of an amazing community that is ready to sweat, push, and fight for a cure.

As you begin your walk today, you will be joined by Vicki and Peter, who are honouring their daughter Chantelle’s memory.

“At just 30 years of age, my daughter Chantelle and her husband were looking forward to travelling, buying their first home, and starting a family. But after visiting the hospital in extreme pain and having tests, we found out that she had an advanced case of a very rare cancer that affects 1 in 5 million teenagers/young adults.

“This cancer was fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma, a rare form of liver cancer. After urgent life-saving surgery to remove a 3.5kg mass, the cancer returned just 3 months later.

“Chantelle passed away on 8 March 2023 on ‘International Women’s Day’, which is so fitting, because of the extremely amazing wife, daughter, sister, and friend she was to everyone.

Vicki and Peter have already raised over $1,000 for Peter Mac’s research, and they are also walking to raise awareness for rare cancers (@fibrofightersfoundation, @rarecancers).

Are you ready? Let’s do this!