Together, you – and the friends and family who have supported you – have raised over $900,000 for cancer research. Incredible!


Thank you so much for all your efforts over the last 10 days, and in the run-up to the challenge – you’ve helped make a massive impact for Peter Mac and our life-saving work.

Check out this special thank you film, made specially for you and all our fantastic Walkers.

DAY 10

This is it! The challenge has flown by and already we are at Day 10. If your fundraising or walking plans have been postponed by weather or other challenges – don’t worry, you can still complete your distance in your own time in the coming days.

Today, let’s all come together, over 3,000 strong one more time, to make a huge impact for Peter Mac’s life-saving work.

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OVER 3,130

walkers are taking part


OVER $860,000

has been raised so far



It has been an incredible 10 days so far – and one last big push today to take you to the finish line.

Whether you have already reached your goal, or you’ve a few last kms to add to your total, take a moment today to reflect on just what you’ve achieved…and what it means for fellow walkers like Caroline MacDonald.

“I was diagnosed with a very rare bone marrow cancer this year in March 2022. By the time I was diagnosed, 70% of my bone marrow had been replaced by lymphoplasmacytic cancer cells and I was very unwell. I was considered very young to have this cancer at such an advanced stage.

“Fortunately, after 4 months of treatments, I have been able to cease treatment and wait and watch what happens next. Internationally, doctors have only seen complete remission of the disease in a few people. I hope to be one of them.

“Unfortunately, the current treatments do not prevent relapse and it is considered to be an incurable cancer. So it’s usually just a matter of time until it returns.

“Research has enabled a range of new treatments to be made available. The treatment has left me feeling very fatigued, physically weak and quite breathless but I am determined to regain my fitness and strength. I decided to sign up for Walk to Fight Cancer and started training daily by walking, doing yoga and adopting a positive mindset to strive toward my recovery goals.

“I still wake up fatigued every day and have body aches and pains but I feel mentally very strong and my physical fitness is improving daily. I can’t wait to see what I can achieve but more importantly, I am pleased to hear how inspired my clients, friends and family feel about my achievements, given how sick I have recently been.

“I am back to doing what I love! Being of service and enjoying life with my family and friends. It’s great to be able to inspire others and to make a difference at the same time by contributing to this important fundraiser for Peter Mac cancer research.”

Thank you so much for your support, Caroline – you’re an inspiration to all of us!


How are your legs feeling this morning! The finish line is in sight – and you’ve got this! If you need some inspiration to keep charging on, just check in on the stories shared daily in our Facebook group – or here on your very own Walk Daily!

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OVER 3,130

walkers are taking part


OVER $828,000

has been raised so far



Each and everyone of you has a personal reason for taking part and giving back – like Melena Birtles, who’s raised over $4,000 so far.

“My mother passed away in 2006 from metastatic breast cancer. It was a long battle and she was under the care of the wonderful team at Peter Mac.

“I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer this year and have recently undergone a double mastectomy and reconstruction (which is still work-in-progress). I also have several friends who are facing their own battles with breast and other cancers (themselves and their loved ones).

“I am so lucky to have found mine early and want to take this opportunity to give something back to support the ongoing care, support and research of those affected by cancer. I am also doing this to try and get my health and fitness (physical and mental) back up after my surgeries and before my next one in November.”

Keep sharing your stories, inspiration, videos and photos – the finish line is in sight, and you’ve got this!


We may be spread across Australia, and the world – but it feels like we are all walking together each day, fighting cancer one step at a time.

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OVER 3,130

walkers are taking part


OVER $803,000

has been raised so far


Our Walker of the day today is ….YOU! Every day we’ve been inspired by the photos, videos and stories you’ve shared in our Facebook group.

Keep sharing, keep walking and keep fundraising – we’re on our way to making a massive impact for Peter Mac’s lifesaving work – so don’t stop now!


What an incredible response yesterday to our generous donation match! Thanks to your efforts, we’ve now passed $775k raised – that’s amazing!

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OVER 3,130

walkers are taking part


OVER $775,000

has been raised so far



Annmaree Hards knows just how important your challenge – and your fundraising – is to the vital work at Peter Mac. After a diagnosis of Stage 2 breast cancer in 2020, she’s come up with some amazing fundraising tips to pass $2,000 raised already – including ‘Tatts Bingo’.

“My story started in Oct 2020 with a diagnosis of Stage 2 Breast Cancer in my left breast. I opted for a mastectomy then ‘Gold Class Chemo’, followed by radiation as an insurance policy.

“During the whole process, I was amazed by the support and technology available to help ensure my diagnosis and treatment achieved the best outcome. I have now had my other breast removed and undergone total reconstruction. I’m thrilled to say that I am now cancer free.

“My gratitude to all medical staff and researchers at Peter Mac cannot be put into words, so I chose to take on the challenge of Walk to Fight Cancer and raise what I can with my team and supporters along the way – as my way of saying THANK YOU.”

Thank you so much Annmaree for being a Peter Mac hero!


Are you ready for our big donation match today?

Thanks to a generous Peter Mac donor, all donations made from 12pm AEDT today, Tuesday October 18, will be matched dollar for dollar, up to a total of $20,000! That’s right – give or get a donation from 12pm today and you’ll see another donation for the same amount appear on your fundraising page!

So far together we’ve raised over $690k to help Peter Mac’s brilliant researchers accelerate the search for cancer cures – thank you!

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OVER 3,120

walkers are taking part


OVER $690,000

has been raised so far


Today we want to give a huge shout out to Walker Jasmine Low who has passed $2,000 raised so far.

“Peter Mac is where my mum received treatment in 2014 for breast cancer. She has since discovered another tumour that sits on the nerves of her spinal cord.

“Over the past several months we’ve been working with an amazing team of surgeons to plan the next steps in her journey to recovery again. She’s been told that the risk of removing her tumour is that she could lose her ability to walk, yet she still shines with so much positivity that things could be worse.

“I’m walking in her honour, because she can’t.

“It can be difficult feeling helpless when a loved one is suffering and I truly believe this challenge is a great way to help spread awareness and offer a supportive community for everyone. Whether you’re the fighter, caretaker, friend, daughter or just someone that wants to help change someone’s life.

“I am not usually one to participate in these challenges, but given her situation, it felt like the right thing to do. I am hoping to make a small difference to help support others needing the same treatment and help raise awareness because every tiny bit helps.”

Every contribution definitely helps, Jasmine – thank you so much for being part of Walk to Fight Cancer this year and sharing your story with us.


No Monday-itis for us! We’ve flown through the first weekend of the WALK and so far collectively we’ve raised an amazing $670k – thank you! And we have even more exciting news to kick off the week!

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OVER 3,120

walkers are taking part


OVER $670,000

has been raised so far


Thanks to a generous Peter Mac donor, all donations made from 12pm AEDT tomorrow, Tuesday 18 October will be matched dollar for dollar, up to a total of $20,000!

That’s right – give or get a donation from 12pm tomorrow and you’ll see another donation for the same amount appear on your fundraising page.

Donate $50, and you’ll see $100 credited to your page. Raise $100 and you’ll see $200 added to your total!

Once $20,000 has been raised, the donation match will end – so set your alarm and let your friends and family know to jump in quick!!


It was another cracking day on the pavement, in the gym and in the park, through sun and rain across Australia in Peter Mac’s Walk to Fight Cancer!

Did you start your Sunday with a sleep in, or were you charging up the hills in your local area at dawn?

Today you’ll be taking on the challenge alongside hundreds of other inspiring Walkers like Mia Voltan, who’s raised over $6,000 so far, inspired by her mum.

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OVER 3,100

walkers are taking part


OVER $650,000

has been raised so far


“This walk is something very close to my heart. My mum was first diagnosed with appendix cancer in 2008, and has just gone through her fourth major operation at Peter Mac. She underwent 18 or 19 hours of surgery before being moved into ICU and then returning to surgery again.

“I have sat by my mum’s side since 2008 as she has endured many hours of surgery and chemotherapy. Peter Mac has always been amazing and continues to be.

“My mum is sitting in bed at Peter Mac as I type this message. She’s the reason I’m taking part in Walk to Fight Cancer – so she can keep living and continue to be part of our family.”

Thank you Mia for your passion and determination, and for the part you’re playing in the search for cancer cures.


Ready to keep striding today? Here’s some weekend inspo for you from your fellow walker Dee Devine.

Last year on 12 October, Dee had her first radiation treatment at Peter Mac. One year later, she’s walking alongside you to fight cancer.

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OVER 3,100

walkers are taking part


OVER $620,000

has been raised so far



“In June 2021 at the age of 35 I was diagnosed with stage 1, grade 1 invasive breast duct carcinoma. With no family history I was all of a sudden thrown into a whirlwind of medical appointments, surgery, radiation and hormone blockers.

“As my cancer was HR+ ER+, I was faced with the reality of menopause before my time. Thankfully I was blessed to have a 7-year-old daughter and a 14-year old step-daughter. The Walk to Fight Cancer came up in my Facebook newsfeed. As October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and 12 October 2021 was my first radiation session, I wanted to do something significant to honour my journey.

“Whilst my journey is far from over (numerous follow-up appointments, medication, lingering post-op pain and another biopsy on the cards), I know I am one of the lucky ones. I am walking in honour of all survivors, all of us warriors maintaining a brave face and soldiering on even on those days we want to throw in the proverbial towel.”

Thank you for your courage and determination, Dee – we really appreciate everything you’re doing for us!


Wow! What an amazing start we had yesterday! Thank you!

If the rain kept you indoors yesterday, it’s time to get out in the (almost) sunshine today.

If you need inspiration to get your legs moving this morning, look no further than your walker, Mandy Strongman.

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OVER 3,090

walkers are taking part


OVER $590,000

has been raised so far



A long time supporter of Peter Mac’s events, Mandy has topped our leaderboard raising an incredible $19,393 so far this year and knows first-hand just how important the WALK is for Peter Mac’s dedicated researchers – and the patients and families that depend on them.

“I first started fundraising for Peter Mac when I saw an ad on TV. One of my girlfriends just discovered that she carried the BRAC2 gene after her mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. My girlfriend decided to have a preventative double mastectomy as a result.

“I’ve hosted dinner dances (two), ladies lunches (five of these now), sold entertainment books, hosted movie nights, sold innumerable amounts of raffle tickets, and straight out asked for cash from people, and have now raised about $113,000 for Peter Mac over the years.

“I guess my best piece of fundraising advice is ASK – if you don’t ask then people won’t give. And the worst thing that can happen is people will say no, and that’s okay. Often though, the people you may think will say no, are often the most generous. So now, I ask everyone.”

Thank you so much for your amazing support over the years, Mandy, and good luck with your WALK!


This is it – the countless hours of training and fundraising have led us all to this one moment – today.

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OVER 3,050

walkers are taking part


OVER $550,000

has been raised so far



Every kilometre you walk in the next 10 days, and every dollar you raise will help Peter Mac’s team of dedicated researchers make new breakthroughs and discover more effective and kinder treatments, so that every person with cancer has the best chance of a cure.

Thank you so much for being part of this inspiring community – for all you have given so far, and for the 10 days of sweat, passion and effort ahead.

Today you’ll be starting your walk alongside Walk to Fight Cancer Ambassador Angela Lumisici. Angela became a patient at Peter Mac in March 2021. It all began when she started losing vision in her left eye.

“It was like someone put a grey veil just over my left eye. I could see perfectly out of my right eye, but I couldn’t see well out of my left. My health began to just deteriorate. I couldn’t eat, I was throwing up, I was nauseous, I couldn’t walk.”

To Angela’s immense shock, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. Angela’s cancer had already metastasised through her body. Doctors found large tumours on her legs and hips which explained why she was having difficulty walking.

Since March last year, Angela has had radiotherapy on her skull, brain, shoulders and hips. She’s also had surgery to insert two titanium rods in her legs. In 2021, Angela’s two sisters walked and fundraised for her. This year she’ll be joining them – on her titanium legs – and giving her all alongside you to support Peter Mac’s research.

Let’s do this!