Get involved as a company

How about rallying your workmates to Walk to Fight Cancer for Peter Mac this year? Sign up one or multiple teams, have fun as you train and fundraise together, compare your badge and reward tally – and all whilst helping to provide new hope for people affected by cancer.

Challenge yourself
across 3 distances


  • Avg. 5km a day
  • 45 – 60mins per day
  • Easy


  • Avg. 7.5km a day
  • 1 – 1.5hrs per day
  • Moderate


  • Avg. 10km a day
  • 2hrs+ per day
  • Difficult

…Or you can choose your own


“I am deeply grateful to Peter Mac on a personal level for saving my dad’s life after diagnosis with stage IV metastatic melanoma; more than 10 years on and he’s still a survivor. These are the types of differences in people’s lives that Peter Mac makes.

“On a professional level, I am sincerely thankful for Peter Mac initiatives like the Lea Medal, which I was awarded for my work on resistance to therapies for melanoma. Receiving this funding allowed me to expand my research with world leaders in my field and gave me the opportunity to present my research at international conferences and Medical Research Institutes. Ultimately, it means my work is one step closer to making a real difference for melanoma patients.

“I would also like to express my gratitude to the Peter Mac Foundation and all the generous fundraisers who step up to contribute to something bigger than themselves.

– Dr Lorey Smith, Senior Research Officer in Professor Grant McArthur’s Laboratory at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, and an Honorary Fellow in the Sir Peter MacCallum Department of Oncology, University of Melbourne

3 steps to WALK with us

Get in touch

Get in

If you’d like to chat about how your company can be involved, please email

Set up a team

Set up
a team

Sign up for free today, create your company team and set up your team’s fundraising page.

Get your workmates involved

Get your
workmates involved

Reach out to your colleagues and invite them to Walk to Fight Cancer with you.

Peter Mac go above and beyond to assist in anything we need.”

Meg Moloney’s dad, Kevin, was first diagnosed with cancer in 2016, when he found a lump on his neck. The lump proved to be skin cancer that had infected his lymph nodes. He was referred to Peter Mac and started treatment straight away. Then in 2019, while Kevin was at one of his regular check-ups, the doctors noticed that the skin cancer had spread from his neck to his head. He was put on to a second course of treatment immediately. It was at that stage that Meg was inspired to get involved with Walk to Fight Cancer and raise funds for the organisation that was doing so much for her dad.

Kevin is now fighting his third round of cancer, and continues to receive care and treatment from Peter Mac. Meg says:

As a family, we don’t know what we would have done without Peter Mac’s support. They call us to catch up, they share information with us – they go above and beyond to assist in anything we need.

How we’ll support you

Fundraising tips and training guides

Fundraising tips and training guides

Handy downloads to help your team members tackle their challenge and their fundraising, whatever their level of experience.

Additional support for your company team

Additional support for your company team

You’ll have access to some extra coaching and support to help recruit team members and keep them motivated.

Earn rewards along the way

Earn rewards along the way

You can all earn exclusive rewards – including a Walker shirt – as you count up both your kms and your fundraised dollars.

Other ways to
get involved

Parner with us

Partner with us

Interested in finding out how your company can be involved with WALK? Please contact Sonya Kennedy on:

Sponsor someone


How much does it cost to take part in Walk to Fight Cancer?

There is no registration fee for WALK 2023 – it’s completely FREE to take part.

How will I track my walking kms?

You can either track your distance automatically using your chosen activity tracker, or manually on your fundraising hub, whichever you prefer.

Do team members need to sign up at the same time?

No. The first person to join up can create a team and share their chosen team name with the rest of the members. They can then join when they’re ready.

Any questions?

Feel free to get in touch with us – we’ll be happy to help!

12-21 October